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Links to Elkins's Posts on the Twins - Die, Twins, Die!

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July 29th, 2004

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11:15 pm - Links to Elkins's Posts on the Twins
Fred and George, the Bullies You Do Know by Elkins.

Polemic on those mean nasty bullies, Fred and George. A post that caused a good deal of trouble, really.

Followed up by Re: Fred and George, the Bullies You Do Know

An attempt to clear up misapprehensions (some of them downright weird) about bullying and bullies on route to defending my belief that the twins are depicted as bullying types.

RE: Twins, Toons, Humor and Instinct

Objection to the prevalence of "my instinctive reading is spontaneous and natural ...but your instinctive reading is over-analyzing the text!" sentiment floating about on the Twins thread. Emphasis on the subjectivity of humour and a challenge to the notion that comedic or "toonish" scenes do not reveal character or have deeper significance, using as an example GoF's Ton Tongue Toffee scene and its role as a precursor to both the QWC and Pensieve scenes.

RE: Why I Dislike The Twins

A bit of a reprise of "What does it mean to 'like' a character?" this, itemizing factors contributing to my strongly negative reader response to the Twins. Also raises the issue of the double-standard in list etiquette, according to which it is acceptable to abuse unpopular characters in the harshest of imaginable terms, while polemic directed at popular characters raises objections of unkind behavior and "vituperative language."

RE: Twins, Toons, Humor and Instinct

More on the extent to which characters' canonical behavior is revelatory of character, regardless of whether or not they are portrayed as "Toons," and a disussion of the thematic significance of the Ton Tongue Toffee scene.

RE: Why I Dislike The Twins/Toon Talk

A bit more on the Twins as bullies and the Twins' relationship to Percy, followed by a discussion of humor and its relationship to character analysis: aren't the characters' actions revelatory of their character regardless of whether or not said actions are funny? And why on earth would someone cease to find something funny merely because they have come to believe that it is cruel? Have none of these people ever heard of black humour?!

RE: Blackmail Revisited - Fred, George, & Hermione

Yes, of course Fred and George are "really" engaging in blackmail! And it would seem to be illegal in Wizarding Britain, too. But more to the point, why all that emphasis on blackmail in GoF? (A question no one ever answered, alas.)

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